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New Patients

Woman filling out paperworkYour First Visit at Mt. Angel Chiropractic

When you step into our office, our top priority is discovering how we can help you, and delivering on the promise of hope. You will be greeted with a smile when you walk in, then given a brief tour of our office.

Our staff will check your insurance and let you know your financial obligation before you receive any care. We’re in network with many insurances. We also work with ChiroHealth USA, Medicare, Medicaid, and provide no-cost care for VA referrals.


Modern Technology, Evidence-Based Care

During your first appointment, we’ll do some tests that give us a baseline of your current physical health:

  • Myovision: Creates a map of your muscle tension and neurologic activity in your back
  • Flexeron: Shows your range of motion within three degrees of accuracy
  • A neurologic orthopedic exam
  • Take your vitals

Our advanced technology allows you to see all of this visually. We’ll use it as a roadmap for your treatment plan, and come back to it to track your progress throughout.

Mount Angel Chiropractor Dr. Petracci will also listen closely to understand how you’re doing with sleep, hydration, activity, and your emotional health. We want to see the full picture so we can go beyond pain relief and help you live the life you desire!

The doctor will talk you through his treatment recommendations and let you know how long he expects your care to take. If you wish, you’ll be adjusted during your first appointment.

Preparing For Your Visit

Our paperwork is available online so you can fill it out ahead of time if you’d like.

When you arrive, be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. You’ll need to do some movements such as a squat and leg lift during our initial assessment.

This initial visit will take about one hour. Follow up visits will take 15 minutes.

Book an appointment today to see how we can help you!

New Patients | (503) 845-9373